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Avanti Strategies

Personal and Organizational Coaching


Coaching scientists and physicians in academia and healthcare to thrive personally and professionally

My collaborators and I partner with clients to navigate complexity and achieve fulfilling lives and professions. Clients span academic, healthcare, corporate, and non-profit sectors.

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“Coaching with Dr. Sabatine had a very significant impact on my professional career and greatly improved the quality of my life for that reason. Despite being quite successful in many ways for several years, I always experienced a certain degree of disillusionment with what I did at my job. Thanks to the work that I did with her, I streamlined several aspects of what I do during the day, and also encouraged other senior members of my organization to embrace and adopt those practices for themselves. Since we have met I have found my work to be much more gratifying, I've been more engaged, and quite successful with the current set of revised expectations I have for myself.”

Owen White, PhD, Associate Director, Institute For Genome Sciences